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A Vignette of Lee Sunkyu.

Lee Sunkyu, a portrait of growth;
Ironic, isn’t it? Not quite. When we associate the word ‘growth’, our first impression is to associate it with height - or ‘physical growth’. If we look beyond the physical boundary of things, there isn’t anyone who has experienced such growth like our dearest Sunny. During her debut days, she was known as that member with an overflowing amount of aegyo. Cute, cheerful, maknae-like, and sweet above all. Six years later, when we see Sunny, we see a woman who encapsulates courage, determination and versatility. When Taeyeon was dragged off-stage by an intruder, Sunny reacted the quickest, and without thinking twice of her own safety, she tried to help her member who was in danger. Courageous, indeed. Although she felt pressured by her handicaps during her debut days, she did not let it overwhelm her. Instead, she grew a determination to polish her strength, allowing her to become more versatile and adaptable. From having that ability to hit that higher register, to catching chicken, to MC-ing, to farming.. she is exceptional. 

Lee Sunkyu, through the eyes of Girls’ Generation;
To the members of Girls’ Generation, Sunny is a lucky charm. Tiffany once said that that “lucky number 9” is forever engraved in her heart. For Girls’ Generation, perfection, unity, and victory, is achieved at nine. Sunny’s inclusion to the group brought existence to the number 9 in Girls’ Generation. Without her addition in the group, nine would just be another number. Lee Sunkyu, indeed, brought completeness and unity to the group.

Have a Happy Birthday Sunny! Here’s to another year of aegyo, somaek, and eye smiles. ^^



130207 [TRANS] Fashion accessory brand, ‘Double M’ has chosen Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung as their 2013 S/S season muse.

While choosing Sooyoung as their first muse, Double M stated, “Our ties/connection came about after the Double M item Sooyoung had at Wonder Girls’ Sunye’s wedding sold out. Also, Double M’s brand image corresponds well with the image Sooyoung has, who has joined the line of next generation of fashionistas.”

In the ‘New Double M Look’ advertisement for the new 2013 S/S season, Sooyoung showed off a cheerful appearance with poses and styles matched with the Double M items.

Meanwhile, the ‘Louis line’, shown off at the airport by Sooyoung, will be available at Double M stores in Korea starting on the 8th, and the behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot and advertisement images will be available through the Double M homepage and official Facebook page.

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